Carmel IN Oral Cancer Screening/ Early Detection Dental Services Launched

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Linderman Dentistry, located in Carmel, Indiana, have updated their oral cancer screening services. Patients can receive cancer screening services during any routine dental cleaning or check up.

Linderman Dentistry, located in Carmel, Indiana, has updated their oral cancer screening services. The office is currently accepting new patients and adheres to Covid-19 health guidelines and protocols.

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Dr. Jeff Linderman, a second-generation dentist, updated the clinic’s oral cancer screening services to encourage his patients to participate in early detection and prevention of the disease. The oral cancer screening process is completed quickly and comfortably during routine dental check-ups.

Oral cancer often referred to as mouth cancer, can occur anywhere in the mouth, tongue, lips, inside the cheek, gums, the roof or floor of the mouth, tonsils, or in salivary glands.

The objective of oral cancer screening is to identify cancerous cells or precancerous sores early, to prevent the spread and acceleration of cancerous cells. Cancerous cells or sores are simplest to treat and remove when detected in the early stages of development.

Factors such as tobacco use in all forms, excessive alcohol consumption, poor oral hygiene practices, and hereditary medical conditions can all increase the likelihood that an individual will experience oral cancer in their lifetime.

Common signs and symptoms Dr. Linderman encourages his patients to be aware of include mouth sores that do not heal, pain when swallowing, red or white patch in the mouth, jaw pain or stiffness, and a painful tongue, among others.

According to the American Society of Clinical Oncology, 48,330 Americans received a diagnosis of oral cancer in 2016, 9,570 of which ultimately resulted in death. Oral cancer is more common in those over forty and is more prevalent in men than women.

Dr. Linderman graduated from the Indiana University School of Dentistry in 1986 and practiced pediatric dentistry for five years before joining his father’s dental practice. Dr. Linderman carries on the family practice in a renovated historical home in the heart of Carmel.

Patients can receive an oral cancer screening during any routine dental cleaning or check-up.

A satisfied customer said, “I feel at ease whenever I visit Dr. Linderman’s. He is knowledgeable and skillful, also approachable and caring. The staff is always friendly and responsive. I highly recommend Dr. Linderman.”

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