Carmel IN Dental X-Ray Screening Exams – Diagnosis/Preventative Oral Care Launch

Carmel, Indiana-based family dental practice Dr. Linderman Dentistry (+1-317-846-3860) has announced upgrades to its dental screening procedures, adding new digital x-ray capabilities for more comprehensive examinations.

Headed by local Carmel dentist Dr. Jeff Linderman, the second-generation family dental practice intends its new updates to supplement an expansive line of dentistry services. Carmel patients now have access to technologically-advanced dental care sufficient to meet a wide variety of cosmetic, preventative, and restorative needs.

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The new updates add upgraded digital x-ray screenings to the practice’s extensive array of dental treatments. After capturing comprehensive images of patients’ teeth, Dr. Linderman and his staff can expertly assess suitable options for optimal dental procedures, ranging from cosmetic restorations to bridges, implants, and more.

As explained by the Carmel dental practice, digital x-rays utilize electronic sensor imagery to produce higher quality results than would be possible with standard film. Dr. Linderman’s staff takes advantage of digital capabilities in applying photo-processing techniques designed to substantially improve display screen quality, allowing them to study images with confidence.

By visiting Dr. Linderman’s practice for digital x-rays, Carmel dental patients can benefit from a safe examination option. Practice representatives advise that digital x-rays carry 70% less radiation while taking less time to complete compared to conventional film variations. Further, they are both more affordable and less harmful to the environment than alternative x-ray methods.

Chief among the advantages of digital x-rays is their high degree of accuracy at identifying dental issues quickly and effectively. Carmel patients will find that the method is swift and hassle-free, enabling Dr. Linderman’s staff to carry out reliable investigations. If necessary, digital results can also be immediately transferred to other dental practitioners for consultations and follow-up services.

“I have been going to Dr. Linderman on a routine basis for years,” says one satisfied local patient. “I find that he is timely and thorough in monitoring the health of my teeth and gums. He has been very responsive and able to accommodate scheduling if anything regarding my dental needs arises. I couldn’t imagine switching dentists.”

Interested parties in and around Carmel are invited to visit to learn more about the local dental practice and its advanced digital x-ray options.

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