Carmel IN Bruxism Occlusal Splint/Dental Guard – Teeth Grinding Treatment Update

With increasing numbers of Americans suffering symptoms of stress relating to busy lifestyles and economic hardship brought on by the global pandemic, a dental clinic (317-846-3860) serving Carmel, IN, announces updated treatments for clients suffering from teeth grinding issues.

Linderman Dentistry’s latest launch offers specialism in treating the causes and symptoms of bruxism – the habitual grinding of teeth and clenching of the jaw. The clinic provides expertise in both sleep and waking bruxism, both of which can cause debilitating pain and a host of dental problems.

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The announcement details a range of benefits for patients who may be experiencing muscular discomfort in the jaw, oversensitive teeth, migraines, and poor sleep as a result of bruxism. The dedicated team at Linderman Dentistry operates according to the highest professional standards, combining state-of-the-art treatment technology with traditional values of patient care.

According to WebMD, while teeth grinding can be a sign of stress, it is equally likely to occur as a result of an abnormal bite pattern or missing teeth. Individuals with cracked or damaged teeth can also develop the condition alongside those who suffer from disorders such as sleep apnea. Bruxism is often hereditary and is common in children – although in most cases, it subsides by adulthood.

Linderman Dentistry can help patients find relief from the uncomfortable, often painful, symptoms of teeth grinding. These include swelling in gum ligaments, the erosion of enamel, dentin, and fillings. Patients may also experience a burning sensation on the tongue, the restricted opening of the mouth (trismus), and clicking of the temporomandibular joints.

The clinic will most commonly prescribe the use of occlusal splints or dental guards. These have been shown to be effective in protecting teeth from the wear and tear that is caused by bruxism.

About Linderman Dentistry

The practice was first established by Dr. Martin Linderman who passed the business onto his son, Jeff, after his retirement in 2006. Dr. Jeff Linderman and his team offer a comprehensive range of dental services, from routine check-ups, periodontal screenings, root canal treatments, and denture fittings, to bridges, implants, and teeth whitening procedures.

A satisfied client says, “Dr. Linderman’s practice makes going to the dentist as comfortable as possible. All of the staff are friendly and welcoming.”

With its latest service updates for bruxism sufferers, Linderman Dentistry continues to set the standard for patient care and dental expertise in the Carmel, IN area.

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