Carlsbad CA Physician Loan No Mortgage Insurance Fixed Term Services Launched

RX Lending updated its range of physician loan solutions. The company's physician mortgage loans are available to physicians with low down payments and no mortgage insurance required.

RX Lending announced the launch of an updated range of physician loan solutions designed to help medical professionals get into the home they want. As a trusted financial partner, RX Lending offers a no down payment program for loans up to $650k and low down payment for loans up to $1.75M.

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A physician mortgage loan is specifically designed for doctors and physicians who want their own home during the early phases of their career. The newly launched services at RX Lending aim to help medical professionals get their dream home.

Physician’s mortgage loans provide special terms offered only to doctors. Doctors can get a mortgage loan even if they are burdened with student loan debt and are not yet making a lot of money.

RX Lending has access to a wide variety of home loan solutions that are customized around the financial goals of doctors located within the United States. The company also helps doctors by clearing hurdles such as high debt ratios and few assets, which would disqualify new doctors from traditional loans.

When working with RX Lending, the team will discuss each client’s individual needs and the best available options for their unique circumstances.

Whether clients have large amounts of deferred student loan debt, need to move into a home before starting their first job, or have been practicing medicine for many years, the physician loan program at RX Lending can help.

A satisfied client said: “Having the comfort of knowing my new home mortgage was being handled by a professional banker allowed me to focus on my profession which consumes most of my time. The ease and simplicity of being able to accomplish most of the loan tasks electronically was a valuable time saver for me. I greatly appreciate all the hard work that was done behind the scenes to make my dream of owning a new home become a reality. I am very happy I found RX LENDING online.”

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