Carlsbad CA Cat Behavior Correction Positive Reinforcement Consultation Launched

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Call Ms Behaving in Carlsbad, CA launched remote consultation services for pet owners nationwide. Their animal specialist uses positive reinforcement to correct undesirable feline behavior.

Call Ms Behaving, a pet training business in Carlsbad, California, has launched updated behavior consultation services for cat owners throughout the US. In light of the current pandemic, clients can now schedule remote or socially distanced in-home sessions.

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The newly updated services aim to provide pet owners with force-free training methods to solve a range of feline behavioral problems, including house-soiling, aggression, scratching, and excessive grooming.

Francine Miller, the company’s founder, has over fourteen years of experience in treating animal behavioral issues. A certified canine obedience instructor, she has completed all course work but the thesis for an MS in Applied Animal Behavior Science and Family Counseling for Companion Animals.

Francine offers behavioral consultations for cat owners looking to eliminate their pet’s undesirable or annoying behaviors without the use of punishment.

During a consultation, Francine gathers any relevant information from clients regarding their cat’s environment. From this assessment, she creates an individualized treatment plan designed to solve the animal’s behavioral issue.

Francine walks each client step-by-step through the tools and techniques needed to change their cat’s behavior. The re-training process may include physiological interventions, environmental changes, behavior modification exercises, and a discussion of training aids and behavior products.

If clients need additional support in training their cat, Francine offers follow-up appointments through email or phone for up to one month after the initial consultation.

Because many pet owners struggle to find a qualified animal behaviorist in their area, Francine provides her consultation services via Skype or over the phone for individuals nationwide.

With the newest service launch, Francine Miller continues to help pet owners solve their cat or dog’s behavioral issues with the use of positive reinforcement.

A satisfied client said: “Francine came over and gave us really powerful tips on how to bring more joy in the home for our cats. She noticed certain behavioral things that I never would have thought were an issue and suggested products that made it possible for us to course-correct our challenges almost overnight.”

Interested parties can find more information at the above-mentioned website or call 858-248-1410 to make an appointment.

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