Carlos Gonzalez: Young Innovator & Spiritual Entrepreneur’s New Agency Launched

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A young "supernaturally resourceful" innovator & entrepreneur from Long Island City, Queens, NY is making waves with his new purpose-driven digital Marketing Agency as it's impact ascends rapidly

Carlos Gonzalez, better known as Prolific Los by his close friends & business partners, was a published author before he was ever a college graduate. With over a decade of online marketing experience & being responsible for running multiple companies — while gaining near supernatural success in the investment world, he is now helping people & mission driven brands bring in the New Year with a bang through the inception of The Build-A-Brand Agency. Now he’s working closely with high profile entrepreneurs responsible for running organizations of hundreds — in some cases, thousands of people around the globe.

Get to know him by following him on Instagram & apply to work with The Build-A-Brand Agency by clicking here.

When asked what was the one paradigm shift that is the most responsible for his success, he simply replied, “Everything is Energy, right down to money, most people don’t realize or have forgotten that wealth building is an internal job!”

He credits his entrepreneurial journey to the fact that he watched his mom work 3 jobs at a time & his older sister start a full-time local business in New York City, Queens, at 17 years old to try to help make ends meet after being evicted from the apartment he grew up in (he was 10 at the time). He saw their struggle, but also saw their resilience & perseverance which sparked something within him & immediately felt there had to be a better way than “struggling to survive.” In the first month after they denied him permission to work a 9-5 job at the age of 14 (because they saw from a young age he was destined for greater things). he nostalgically recalls making his first couple of hundred dollars during a nap as a sophomore in high school.

After a long arduous journey through substance abuse — using multiple substances to cope with the stresses of life, he’s finally sober & helping people tap into their higher purpose while building mission-driven brands — each generating multiple streams of income. A decade after his first $300 nap as a sophomore in High School, he & the team of leaders he’s been building & duplicating are bringing back innovation to the “poor in mind, body, & spirit” by empowering them to develop multiple streams of income & tapping into something greater to use the resources readily available to them responsibly & effectively.

“I’ve been there… I hated it yet still found ways to justify the behavior that deep down I knew was keeping me trapped in my own skin. I knew there was more for me out there — others knew it too. I just felt stuck… It wasn’t until a few close calls with death & insanity that I finally realized I needed help. Once I was able to finally really start being brutally honest with myself I began remembering the thought the younger me had when I saw the women, the Queens, in my life struggling: There must be a better way… That’s when I found something much greater… Since I committed myself to developing that closer relationship with the One Infinite Creator that lives inside me & works through me, every aspect of my life has just been getting better & better! That may turn some people off but I do my best to meet people where there at & lead by example. I do my best to live from a place of Power instead of force.”

He went from being incredibly undisciplined, unmotivated, unfocused & self-medicated to now soberly running multiple highly successful mission-driven brands that are now having a global impact, handing those who are ready to rise to the occasion the blueprint to achieving quantum leaps of abundance in their finances & life in general!

The Digital Marketing Agency he started this year, 2020, is already generating a massive amount of traction in the first 3 months of it’s inception — especially in the last month or so since he officially went public with it. The most fascinating part is that he says his latest business venture started completely by accident and he genuinely had no intention of starting an Agency. However, after helping a highly exclusive & closed-knit group of business partners he realized & saw first hand how covid-19 had impacted the economy on a Global scale, and how it was causing the deterioration of some of the most successful global businesses & industries. That’s when he decided the time had come to stop sitting back to watch some of his closest friends & family continue to struggle — especially considering he already had experience seeing this growing up right from home!

He couldn’t let some of the closest people in his life descend into fear, doubt, and disbelief. So instead, he leveraged his high income skillsets, networks, & almost supernatural resourcefulness to help people adapt to one of the scariest periods in our collective lifetime — empowering them to remain above integrity, tap back into the real reasons why they started their businesses in the first place, while also inspiring a totally new generation of online entrepreneurs through faith, practical & grounded guidance.

The Build-A-Brand Agency has been all about giving back to our global community. A percentage of all the proceeds go to pre-vetted non-profit organizations & charities that are making a genuine difference in the lives of those less fortunate around the world! He knows that not everyone may be a right fit for the value he & the team at Build-A-Brand are capable of providing, but he still encourages everyone that comes across his “energy field” to apply to work with them, “for you cannot perceive that which you are not already a vibrational match to!”

Don’t forget to follow his journey on Instagram & apply to work with The Build-A-Brand Agency here if you’re ready to take your business & quality life to the next level. As he would faithfully remind us, “Gloria in Excelsis Deo!”

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