Carlos Gonzalez, Mission-Driven Global Mentor Launches The Build-A-Brand Agency

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A mission driven & high-impact 24 year old mentor with global reach, born & raised in Queens, NY, leverages one of the deadliest crises of our collective lifetime to empower the brands of tomorrow

A young 24 year old energy healer, serial entrepreneur, investor & mentor with a global reach based in Long Island City, Queens, New York, started making waves in the last 3 months of 2020 when he decided to step up and rise to the occasion during the Covid-19 pandemic to create one of the fastest growing Digital Marketing Agencies around the world. The most interesting part is that he claims the inception of The Build-A-Brand Agency was completely accidental — and yet, incredibly natural. According to Mr. Gonzalez, President & CEO of The Build-A-Brand Agency — although having over a decade of experience in the digital marketing industry, he never intended to run his own Agency since he felt, “the world already had enough of those.” However, with the aftermath that the Covid-19 epidemic imposed on local businesses & the unprecedented unemployment rate that nearly paralyzed our global economy (all of which is still taking its toll as Cryptocurrency & E-commerce are both reaching an all-time high, while the value of the US Dollar continues plummeting) he saw there was a demand he could easily supply. “The Demand,” as he refers to it, was the need to begin adapting to the “Hyper-Evolving Digital Landscape.”

Existing clients can already easily log into the private platform that was acquired for the agency at, which continues to rapidly evolve, but don’t wait to start adapting and apply to work with The Build-A-Brand Agency now by clicking here & answering a few simple questions.

As previously mentioned, Carlos — or as his business partners & close friends prefer to call him, Prolific Los — for his reputation of almost “supernatural resourcefulness,” decided he wasn’t going to build just any digital marketing agency. He told himself that if he was going to do this, he was going to do so “in a way that completely shattered the paradigms that kept people playing small when it comes to business.” In his own words, he passionately reinforced:

“I wanted to show people how easy things could be as long as they were committed to increasing their level of belief — especially during these uncertain times. I don’t need their brand or business to be perfect, I just need them to be committed to creating genuine change for the betterment of our global community. Above all else, I wanted to show them there was a better way to get the type of exposure their business genuinely deserved so they could continue focusing on what they do best. You see, we’ve cracked the code of how google determines whether a brand is worthy of being seen, or not, so it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been online — whether your a seasoned vet or your just starting to get your feet wet, our campaigns help people’s mission-driven brands gain MASSIVE exposure & instantly establish them as a high authority in their specific niche. Once I started showing people how this actually works they couldn’t believe more people weren’t putting this into practice… and that’s no one’s fault, most people are stuck worrying about mundane seo gimmicks & simply just don’t know this is possible.”

Not only have he & his team cracked the code of generating massive exposure online, they’ve made this process as simple as answering less than 5 questions when starting a campaign! And since he considers himself an “energy healer & karmic liberator,” first & foremost, he decided from the very beginning that a percentage of all the profits had to go to a few pre-vetted non-profit organizations & charities that are having a genuine impact on helping the world recover & thrive from the aftermath of the global pandemic’s society-altering impact, which took so many by surprise; or else this would have been a deal breaker for him.

If you’re someone whose business is struggling to evolve during these uncertain times then you should definitely consider applying to work with his teams of specialists at The Build-A-Brand Agency, as it’s truly proving to be quite a unique solution for those who not only want to survive this tough economic time, but also want to build momentum in their business towards exponential growth and an overall consistent state of thriving. Again, all this takes is answering a few simple questions by clicking here and you’ll already be on your way to bringing in the New Year with a Bang!

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