Carlingford NSW Japanese Restaurant Traditional Cuisine Party Venue Announced

A renowned Japanese restaurant near Parramatta and North Rocks in NSW has been announced as a leading host for parties and events. Kyoto TeppanYaki Japanese Restaurant offers a range of traditional options for delicious Japanese food in Australia.

Kyoto TeppanYaki Japanese Restaurant, a Japanese TeppanYaki restaurant operating at Carlingford, near Parramatta, Eastwood, Epping, North Rocks, and Dundas & Dundas Valley, has been recognised as a leading provider of memorable events and parties. This announcement comes after it was heralded as a community favourite of 17 years.

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The site explains that the popular restaurant, which offers a range of high quality Japanese food and is renowned for its tasty menu, is known for hosting good parties, family gatherings, and special events. For anyone looking for a group dinner host for friends, family or local business events, Kyoto TeppanYaki can cater to their needs.

It offers an authentic window onto traditional Japanese cuisine, which is known for being fresh and largely unprocessed, with very little in the way of refined foods or sugar. This leads to a healthier diet, with research from the British Medical Journal showing that Japanese food is among the healthiest in the world.

The traditional Japanese diet is based around rice, cooked and pickled vegetables, fish and meat. Much of the fish is also eaten raw, with another key staple being soy beans, usually in the form of tofu.

Traditionally, Japanese food is served in small portions, rather than having a large plate filled with food. People tend to have a small bowl and several different dishes that all accompany each other.

Kyoto TeppanYaki Japanese Restaurant, in Carlingford, NSW, represents this with a number of set meals for people to enjoy. These are known as “Set A”, “Set B”, “Kyoto C” and “Kyoto K” which are designed for different numbers of people to enjoy, with K representing children under 10 years old.

The Set A menu includes fresh salad, miso soup, sashimi, tempura, ebi, hotatekai, misoyaki steak, teriyaki chicken, yakimeshi, yasai and ice cream. Other options include spring rolls, and various fish and prawn dishes.

A recent customer said: “We went on Christmas Eve for a birthday celebration for our 15 year old Japanese visitor. The chef put on an entertaining show for us and we had menu option A, which was good quality food and very filling.”

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