Carelumina Announces Adjusted Rate for Telehealth Consultations for Coronavirus.

Carelumina Announces an Adjusted Rate for Telehealth Consultations for Coronavirus with a Board Certified Doctor. Telemedicine is a safe & convenient way to get COVID-19 screening.Supplement your income by referring friends and family to our Telehealth service.

Help Stop Coronavirus with Telehealth Services from Carelumina

Are you worried about contracting the Coronavirus? Most of us are. So what can you do if you or your loves ones get sick? Head to the emergency room and increase your risk of contracting illnesses from others? No. Get Telehealth services from Carelumina and speak with a doctor from the comfort of your home.

Carelumina is a physician-owned health and wellness company based in Jacksonville, Florida. Decades of research and development lead to Carelumina’s introduction of products in five segments, including life-protecting digital services. Learn more about Carelumina here #getilluminated

The company is pioneering the health and wellness industry with their innovative line of clean beauty and health products as well as their telemedicine services, also known as Telehealth.

Carelumina’s Telehealth services are in high demand by each and every age group, and are helping others to live healthier and happier lives during the trying times of the Coronavirus outbreak. Telehealth can actually help to save lives during the pandemic by aiding in the containment of the deadly virus.

With Telehealth services, individuals can receive medical care from a board certified physician in the comfort of their own homes for just $60-$100 per consultation. Not only is this a huge savings over what patients can be charged for a visit to the ER, these services eliminate potential exposure or transmission in confined hospital or medical facility waiting rooms.

Whether an individual is experiencing symptoms of the Coronavirus or requires an antibiotic or another medication for a specific illness, Telehealth services are ideal for today’s environment.

Carelumina also offers a Brand Ambassador program to entrepreneurs interested in earning revenue for introducing others to Carelumina’s potentially lifesaving Telehealth services. Brand Ambassadors serve a vital role during the Coronavirus outbreak by indirectly helping to stop the spread of the deadly Coronavirus, keeping every family member healthy and safe.

And, Brand Ambassadors have the opportunity to be on the ground floor of a company positioned for global expansion. This is a life-changing opportunity and the time is now to get started. To learn more about being a Brand Ambassador with Carelumina go here

Contact us today to learn more about Carelumina’s Telehealth services, or their Brand Ambassador program that has an extraordinary compensation plan that can provide excellent long-term residual income.

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