Careful-ish Readers Of Comic Quarantine Book Creating Festival Of Social Selfies

"Careful-ish" readers of covid comedy flocking to social media for silly selfies with the book. Is Honey Parker's novel of ridiculous people doing ridiculous things a necessary escape from politics?

PARK CITY, UTAH — Some guy in Idaho is wearing the helmet from a suit of armor while reading the book. A woman in Florida is wide-eyed behind the book and has a martini. Someone in Utah is reading it under the hair dryer at her salon. A big, bald guy is reading and raking leaves. Canadians are being polite. A cat is reading along in New Hampshire. There are even goats in San Diego with their own copy. And there’s a couple in front of a yurt somewhere deep in the woods. (What could be more careful-ish than reading about the pandemic while self-isolating in the wilderness?)

Earlier this month, author Honey Parker released “Careful-ish,” her comic novel about six friends caught up in COVID quarantine. She never expected to see her book come flying back at her from social media. But the wave of selfies has been spontaneous, silly and surprising.

Maybe there’s a clue in the book’s subtitle: “A Ridiculous Romp Through COVID-Living As Seen Through The Eyes Of Ridiculous People.” Honey Parker says, “I’m guessing that right now, people want some fun and feel a need to embrace their ridiculousness, free from politics.”

The story of Careful-ish is the comical, emotional roller coaster ride of six diverse friends caught in quarantine in Manhattan during the early days of the pandemic. Adjusting to life in lockdown, they do all kinds of crazy things when nobody’s looking. They also mix computer calls with cocktails. They handle conflicts, both in close-quarters with each other, and cross-country with their Boomer parents. And some behavior isn’t as careful as you might like when there’s a deadly virus about.

“We really do need to laugh about life during quarantine,” says Honey. “If we don’t, we’ll all go crazy. But when I wrote this book, who knew we’d get a social surge of readers daring to parade their own careful-ishness on Facebook?”

So, what’s been most surprising about the festival of photos? “Hard to say. The woman baring her roots at the salon was daring. The armor was out of the blue. And who expects goats via LinkedIn? And last night, someone sent a Halloween skeleton reading her copy of ‘Careful-ish.’ I’m loving it. I’m excited. I’m humbled. But mostly, I’m glad people are finding some fun amid the craziness and the careful-ishness.”

“Careful-ish: A Ridiculous Romp Through COVID-Living As Seen Through The Eyes Of Ridiculous People” is available in Kindle and paperback at Amazon. Learn more about the book and about Honey Parker at There’s a short video of some of the selfies in the “Careful-ish” public Facebook group and at YouTube.

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