Career Makeover For Job Satisfaction – Personal Brand/Networking Report Launched

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Crucial Constructs has launched a new report on how employees can improve their career outlook. They have provided a nine-step blueprint that improves job satisfaction.

Crucial Constructs, a digital marketing resource for eCommerce businesses based in Austin, Texas, has launched a new report on how individuals can re-align their career goals.

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The recently launched report is ideally suited to individuals who feel they are stagnating in their careers and would like to create greater job satisfaction. It provides a nine-step plan that allows employees to design a career that’s based on their ideal perks, salary, location, and more.

Research suggests that around 85 percent of workers hate their jobs, with the majority of workers in 200 countries around the world saying they feel disconnected from their work. Based on these statistics, the company is giving workers the tools to change their career outlook.

A spokesperson for the company explains, “The first step in your career rehab is to create a blueprint of your existing career layout: what you consider to be your desired path, whether you’re looking for a specific mentor, perks, benefits, location, or salary, and what type of organization you would like to work for. This will help you be more confident as you craft your new vision of your future career.”

The new release features nine expert-led steps. Employees are encouraged to turn themselves into a personal brand by considering their unique experience and transferable skills. The report also advises using marketing techniques as a way of advertising these skills and networking to connect with people who may help them become successful. Other steps include identifying USPs, improving communication skills, and thinking outside the traditional employment path.

A suggested training course is also included in the report. The company recommends their Crucial Constructs Academy. It’s an online video training course that’s provided on a complimentary basis and includes modules on digital marketing and online brand creation.

Crucial Constructs is a member of The Association Of Digital Retailers. They provide digital marketing solutions for employees and entrepreneurs and are passionate about empowering people with the skills they need to become successful.

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