Car Wheel Alignment Service Launched Hudson Ohio Vehicle Repair For 2017

An update for the new car wheel alignment auto repair service by Shaw Auto Care In Hudson, Akron, Stow, Fairlawn and Cuyahoga Falls Ohio was provided. The equipment allows for less weight to balance a tire is way more accurate

A new integrated car wheel alignment service was launched by Shaw Auto Care, 70 Graham Road, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, 44223. They also have locations in Hudson, Akron, Stow, and Fairlawn Ohio. The shop offers customers the best in auto care services, helping to get their cars functioning properly quickly and efficiently.

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Steve Shaw, the owner says the three pieces of equipment that were purchased included an alignment rack, the road force wheel balancer and the revolution tire machine. Together these pieces allow integration of a complete alignment package on the car. This is a follow up to a previous article regarding the new tire changing and wheel balancing equipment. To see the previous article click here

Steve Shaw wants to share a couple tips that he and his staff figured out with the Hunter-revolution tire changer. It’s a state of the art tire changer. It changes pretty much any tire that’s out there on the market today.

One of the best features discovered is the performance of something called a bead massage. It is one of the last steps required before taking the tire off for the machine. Implementing a bead massage actually helps with the balancing of the tire. With the proper execution of a bead massage on every tire, and when the tire is subsequently placed on the road force tire balancer, it takes less weight to balance a tire resulting in a process that much more accurate.

So it just goes to show that buying this equipment is already saving time and energy as far as balancing and replacing tires.

The proven benefits of integrating these three pieces of equipment for the consumer are: extended tire life, elimination of tire pull and elimination of tire chop and all issues related to wheel balancing and steering wheel vibration. Consumers traditionally have problems with the higher performance tires. The challenge is getting them aligned properly or getting getting them mounted and balanced without scratching or destroying the wheels.

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