Car Wash System Manufacturer AUTEC Article Reveals Important Facts for investors

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AUTEC Car Wash Systems has published an article covering Car Wash Systems for Investors, which is aimed primarily at investors who want a successful setup for a profitable car wash business.

An article covering the subject of ‘Car Wash Systems for Investors’ entitled ‘Automatic Car Washes for Investors’ has now been released and published by AUTEC Car Wash Systems, an authority website in the Car Wash Manufacturer niche. The article brings to light fascinating information, especially for investors looking for a high return on investment (ROI), zero-employee businesses.

Investors and anybody else who is interested in Car Wash Systems for Investors can read the entire article at

In business for nearly 40 years, AUTEC Car Wash Systems offer investors three car-wash systems: soft-touch, touch-free, and a combination system that provides both. AUTEC’s Statesville, North Carolina, headquarters handles everything from marketing and engineering, and fabrication, to paint and surface preparation, electrical, and complete chemical formulation.

The following extract perhaps best sums up the article:

‘Enjoy a reliable ROI from our relentless standards of operation. With the lowest operating costs – and the highest volume throughput – in the in-bay automatic market, AUTEC continually demonstrates the success of the unattended, stand-alone, in-bay automatic. Offering a wash just as thorough as a full-service tunnel, the installation of an in-bay automatic or even opening a chain of automatics is an attractive investment.’

ROI is directly related to the number of cars washed and the average price point. AUTEC can provide a demographic study of the investor’s proposed location to see if the ideal statistics are there to support a car wash business.

AUTEC also has a national network of distributors and service partners who will install the equipment and service it. The investor’s general contractor will handle all permitting and site preparation, and once the site is prepared and the equipment is delivered, the car wash can typically be up and running in 7-10 days.

In discussing the article, Madi Riddle, Marketing Director, said:

“Success for our AUTEC partners is our number one priority, which is why we guide them through the buying and operating process. Dedicated to assisting them at every step, we help with demographic studies, site selection, and equipment choices, as well as evaluating their location and system options, all the way through everyday repairs and maintenance.”

To learn more about what AUTEC Car Wash Systems can offer investors, click the link above or call AUTEC at 800-438-3028.

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