Car Theft Goes Up Due to Lack of Garage Door Repairs in Melbourne

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10 February 2015, Melbourne – The latest Victoria Police crime statistics released last week reveals that the number of motor vehicles stolen state-wide increased by 19%. A total of 66,216 cars were broken into or stolen in the past year in Victoria. This is an increase of 8,500 more cars which were stolen in the year before.  

According to the insurance companies, the top 5 suburbs for car theft claims in 2013-14 were in the north. These were Epping, Preston, Brunswick, Reservoir, and Thomastown.

AAMI spokesman Reuben Aitchison said that car owners contributed to these thefts because of negligence. “Most car thefts occur from at or around the home, and we seem to go out of our way to make it easy for thieves,” Mr. Aitchison said.

Ray Carroll, executive director of the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council, confirmed the AAMI findings that most cars were now stolen from the home or close to home. “We are seeing more and more instances of home burglary in order to steal keys, then the car,”said Carroll.

Although the residential burglary rates have dipped in many parts of Victoria, some suburbs in the north and outer-west of Melbourne are still hounded by burglars.

According to the data released by the Victoria Police, the highest burglary rates in Melbourne are for Williams Landing, Ardeer, and Heidelberg West. In the past year, about 1 in 30 homes in these suburbs were victimized by burglars.

Hoppers Crossing is the suburb with the most number of total break-ins, as 12 homes in the area are victimized every week according to the latest reports.

Many of the thieves don’t use sophisticated methods to enter a home. “Sometimes they just notice a garage door that’s not properly closed,” said one crime expert. One such burglar went through an unsecured garage door and then proceeded to break the glass windows of the cars to look for things to steal.

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For greater security, garage door spring repair must be conducted regularly. Springs need to be replaced after 7 to 12 years due to normal wear and tear. Garage door openers should be checked as well.

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