Car owners dash camera Launches 8th June 2017

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Campad Electronics announced the availability of their new dash camera dashcams beginning 8th June 2017. More information can be found at

Customers looking for the latest dashboard cameras will soon be able to purchase a dashcam from Campad Electronics. Today Paul, Director at Campad Electronics releases details of the new range of dashcams.

People who have seen one of the many videos online of crazy drivers or seemingly unbelievable traffic accidents, will realise that footage was recorded with a car dashboard camera or a dashcam. Dashcams are mounted on the dashboard or windscreen of a car or truck and can be important as the dashcam will record evidence of accidents or road rage incidents.

Dashcams are designed to appeal specifically to car owners and include the following benefits and features:

Built-in display screen – This feature was included so vehicle owners can check the alignment of the camera when setting it up the dashcam. This is great news for the consumer as they can quickly and painlessly set up the dashcam and review recorded video without a computer.

GPS – This was made a feature in some of the product range, the dashcam will automatically record the location and speed and match this information to the video recording. Customers who buy one of these dashcams with this feature should enjoy this benefit because it enables drivers to show what speed they were traveling at in a particular location.

Automatic recording – Campad Electronics said this was made part of the dash cams’ development as it is very convenient for drivers. Customers will likely appreciate this because the camera turns on when the car is started, and usually stops after a set time when the car is turned off eliminating the need to manually turn the dashcam on and off. Imagine forgetting to turn the dashcam on and having no recorded footage of an incident.

Paul, when asked about the dashcam range said:

“A video recording might be a very useful backup in a case where it would be the word of the dashcam owner against the word of another driver.”

This is one of Campad Electronics’s many releases of a new product range and Paul is particularly excited about this release because these dashcams are a useful backup if dashcam owners are involved in an accident or road rage incident.

Those interested in learning more about Campad Electronics can do so on the business website at

Those interested in purchasing can go directly to the dashcam’s listing, here:

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