Car Break Repair Service Guide Replace Pads Rotors For 2017 Cuyahoga Falls Ohio

Advise for replacing car break pads and rotors. Steve Shaw ,the owner of Shaw Auto Care, 70 Graham Road, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44223, says a great warranty is better than brand names when it comes to purchasing parts.

Advice and tips for car owners who are in need of break pads and rotors was offered by Shaw Auto Care, 70 Graham Road, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, 44223. The shop offers customers the best in auto care services, helping to get their cars functioning properly quickly and efficiently.

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Steve Shaw, the owner says people who are looking to replace their break pads and or rotors tend to lean towards purchasing only brand names.

Steve believes it’s more important to purchase pads and rotors that are backed by a good warranty rather than relying solely on brand names.

Shaw Auto only uses break pads and rotors that carry a warranty by the parts manufacturers. When they first started buying pads manufactures only offered a year warranty on pads and rotors. Now the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on the break pads that we install and a two year warranty on rotors.

Another piece of advise is in regards to those who believe a reputable auto repair business should be able to provide break repair quotes over the phone without the need to inspect the vehicle.

Steve, from Shaw auto care says, “Sometimes its hard to tell exactly what a car is going to need. When repairing disc breaks the pistons have to retract back into the caliper and there are slides on the caliper that have to move as the piston moves. If the slides are frozen or don’t move all of the way back in, then the calipers would also have to be replaced along with the pads and rotors.

So generally it’s better to inspect the vehicle first to make sure that those items appear to be in good working order. No one wants to quote a price over the phone only to have the price sky rocket to 3 or 4 times the price after an inspection is completed because the car may need all new hydraulics.

Many people call and only want break pads installed on their car. They don’t realize as the pads are actually wearing down they are removing the hard material off of the rotor. This results in the rotors actually becoming thinner Ultimately this results in the rotors not being able to hold up to the salt and the environment of the harsh winter weather here in Northeast Ohio.

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