Car Battery Reconditioning Reuse Old Batteries New Video Course Launched

EZ Battery Reconditioning has launched a new video course on how people can buy old batteries and recondition them to like-new working condition. It was created by Tom Ericson as a way for people to use their DIY skills and help save money.

A new video guide has launched teaching interested parties how they can recondition old batteries to get them working at full capacity again. Called EZ Battery Reconditioning, it was devised by Tom Ericson as a way for people to focus their DIY and home improvement skills into a new channel that can help them save money and ensure they never have to buy a new battery again.

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The video explains how the concept for the course came about while the developer was working for a golf cart company. Often, the company would get an old used golf cart and the batteries would be completely dead, so the staff would have to take them out and replace them. It goes on to say that by the end of each month, the golf cart staff would have a huge collection of dead batteries lying around.

When the batteries were collected, they were taken off to be reconditioned, and the man who collected them was then able to sell them off in like-new condition. The video underscores that this is what inspired Tom to begin his own battery recycling company.

The methods he employs to recondition the old batteries is the same technique he learned seven years ago at the golf cart company. The style of repair works for car batteries, computer and phone batteries, rechargeable batteries, long life batteries, batteries used in alternative energy systems like solar panel systems, deep cycle marine batteries, and golf cart batteries. The techniques can also be used on a wide range of other batteries, and the video course covers each one in detail.

Students who sign up for the battery reconditioning course will find out how they can use these same techniques for themselves, and employ them in bringing dead batteries back to life again. They can also learn how to purchase old batteries and sell them on as reconditioned units.

A contact page is available on the EZ Battery Reconditioning website for anyone who would like further information about the process.

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