Car Alarm Reviews: dFence GPS Protection and Connection Geofence System Launched

A new review video has been launched by DfenceGPS showing how much customers are enjoying the anti-theft system. It uses cutting edge technology to protect customers’ vehicles and their belongings.

DfenceGPS has launched a new video showing the positive reviews the device is getting among customers looking to protect their vehicle. DfenceGPS is a cutting edge tool that surrounds vehicles with a GPS based geo fence for the best protection on the market.

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The new video highlights one of the recent reviews, from Byron Brown, the Sales Manager at RideNow Goodyear.

He states: “Dfence has been a great product for our customers looking for extra protection against theft. They love having the ability to track their vehicle right from their cell phones.”

With DfenceGPS, customers are able to activate the geo fence around their vehicle in seconds using the smartphone app. If the vehicle is moved beyond the boundaries of that geo fence, the user gets an instant text or email alert.

This provides a new level of protection, because drivers can leave their vehicle safe in the knowledge that they will know if or when something goes wrong.

It’s for all these features and more that customers are writing glowing reviews about the DfenceGPS system.

DfenceGPS technology systems offer best-in-class anti-theft technology that customers love. They protect the vehicle itself, and can also help to protect items inside from theft. If the vehicle’s window gets broker, the DfenceGPS system emits a piercing sound the instant the window is broken. This is designed to scare away thieves before anything gets taken.

If the vehicle owner gets alerted to a smashed window or the vehicle gets moved, they can quickly and easily alert police. Dfence can alert both the local department and the one closest to the vehicle.

Sending an email to police through the app or the Dfence website allows them to track the vehicle in real time. What’s more, all police cars in the area can be given the description, location, direction and speed of the vehicle.

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