Car Alarm Glass Break Sensor With Camera And GPS Tracking Launched

Phoenix, Arizona, company dFence announced that a new glass break car alarm system with sensor, camera, and GPS tracking is now available for clients interested in keeping their vehicles safe and secure.

dFence, a Phoenix, Arizona, based company, announced the launch of a new glass break car alarm system with sensor, camera, and GPS tracking. This reliable and highly effective vehicle safety system is only available through dealerships.

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To avoid being a victim of vehicle theft and vandalism, car security systems are the ideal security solution to help keep an eye on cars. The newly launched car alarm system at dFence aims to help vehicle owners track their vehicle in real time in case their car is vandalized or broken in.

As criminals become smarter, one’s car alarm system needs to be so much more than a basic alarm. It needs to be a holistic vehicle security system that can outsmart criminals, while protecting the vehicles.

Although the American market offers a whole range of vehicle security solutions, not all are the same and not all are created equally.

dFence provides high quality vehicle security systems that offer protection for each customer’s vehicle and its contents by utilizing the latest technologies in vehicle security and convenience. Their technology helps owners monitor and protect their vehicle’s location at any time, 24/7.

The dFence modern vehicle tracking systems use GPS technology for locating the vehicle. This technology surrounds the vehicle with a GPS-based “geo-fence” and, in case the vehicle is moved, it sends the owner a text or email alert immediately.

In addition, vehicle owners can alert the police, who can track the vehicle’s location online and recover it in minutes.

With the latest update, the team at dFence strive to provide clients with car alarm and vehicle security products that actually work.

A spokesperson for the company said: “The dFence team is passionately committed to bringing you the best service possible. We are honored that you are trusting us to protect your vehicle, and we take that responsibility very seriously.”

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