Car Alarm Glass Break Alert System With GPS Released Through Vehicle Dealerships

The dFence plug and play theft deterrence system with glass break technology and text alerts is now being released to vehicle dealerships. The instant a vehicle’s window is broken a piercing alarm sounds and the owner receives an instantaneous text alert.

dFence, a Phoenix, Arizona company specializing in anti-theft technology sold through vehicle dealerships, announced the national expansion of a plug and play car alarm system that can notify vehicle owners if a window is broken, sound a piercing alarm to scare off the would-be thief, detect and track vehicle movement, and assist police with recovery as the vehicle theft is in progress. This industry-first product is the latest product breakthrough from an up-and-coming company making a name for itself as one of the most innovative integrators of GPS and cellular technologies.

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The new alarm system helps defend vehicle owners against “smash and grabs” in which would-be thieves break a vehicle’s window to get at whatever briefcases, purses, sound system or other personal items are inside. This type of crime is at an all-time high in the US.

A vehicle equipped with a dFence Glass theft deterrence system will be able to detect the sound frequency of a glass break and sound a piercing alarm that may well scare off the would-be thief before he can steal anything. In addition, if the vehicle also has a dFence GPS system, the vehicle’s owner will receive an instantaneous text alert and can call the police, or perhaps go to the vehicle while the thief is still in the vicinity.

In addition, the dFence alarm system instantly lets the owner know if their vehicle is moved, allowing them to alert the police and track the vehicle in real-time. They will get an immediate text or email alert so they can run to their vehicle if they are nearby, or call the police so they can track the vehicle’s movement online in real-time.

Owners will also be able to see their vehicle’s location, speed, and direction in real-time on a map by using the dFence smartphone app.

dFence technology pays huge dividends not just for vehicle owners, but for dealerships as well. Importantly, the combination of dFence GPS and dFence Glass allows dealerships to manage their lots by indicating where their loaner and fleet vehicles are, if a vehicle has been removed from the lot after hours, if vehicle batteries are running low, and – unlike any other system – if any vehicles have been broken into. In addition, dFence technology can send a dealership notifications about significant customer vehicle “events” (such as engine performance issues or approaching mileage markers for vehicle service) that enable the dealership to contact the customer and schedule service appointments. Dealerships will also appreciate dFence’s ingenious “plug and play” design, which allows installation in a few minutes with no cutting or splicing of wires. The company also provides sales and installation training of dealership personnel.

Company founder and CEO Tony Avila said, “The dFence team is passionately committed to bringing vehicle dealerships and their customers the most advanced and convenient protection and service possible, and we are proud to be the first manufacturer to bring glass break warning technology to the automotive aftermarket. We are honored that our customers trust us to protect their vehicles, and we take that responsibility very seriously.”

Interested dealerships are encouraged to call 480-273-8818 or at the above mentioned website.

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