CapTV Episode Challenges Bernie Sanders: It’s Capitalism That Solves Problems

A recent episode of CapTV reveals why capitalism is the solution, not the problem, to today’s issues of climate change and perceived wealth inequality., an Austin-based media company, explores how capitalism is the solution to many of the world’s major challenges in its latest episode of CapTV. The episode, “No Bernie, There Should be MORE Billionaires,” challenges Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders’s proclamation that there should not be billionaires. It shows how the opportunity to achieve wealth is the solution to problems like climate change and perceived wealth inequality.

Politicians like Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez promote a message that wealth is bad. They create resistance to the ideals of capitalism. However, reality paints a different picture, according to Founder, Ryan Moran.

“The truth is, there are billionaires. You can fight that all you want. But it’s a powerless position to put so much energy on what we don’t want. This is very common in the world of politics,” said Moran. “Instead, we should be focusing on what we can do to address challenges. We need solutions, not resistance, and when you have wealth, you can create solutions.”

Moran and his company promote the idea that creating change begins with the individual, not the government. It’s about first taking ownership of a problem. Then, creating a solution to that problem. Next, finding others you can serve with the same problem. Then, finally introducing them to your solution. Wealth makes it possible for individuals to be change-makers in the world.

“Billionaires or the people who have money don’t prevent others from making money. There’s no fixed amount,” explained Moran. “There’s a false belief that successful people are a threat to others’ success, but this simply isn’t true. Anyone can increase their wealth and provide solutions. It’s those solutions that will change the world, not more government. We’ve already seen how unsuccessful the government has been when it comes to solving our world’s biggest problems.”

CapTV episodes focus on promoting the ideals of entrepreneurship and solving global problems. They are available on’s YouTube channel. Moran creates episodes with empowering and equipping entrepreneurs in mind. Each episode features a different theme. They provide politically-driven news and business training that defends the tenants of capitalism. The channel aims to encourage individuals to consider entrepreneurialism and personal responsibility.

“From global warming to wealth inequality, the real solutions are going to happen when we take ownership of the problems and work together to create solutions,” said Moran. “Someone who thinks billionaires are bad doesn’t understand that we are all worthy of wealth. We all can have the power and resources to change the world. These are birth rights that are not delegated to a certain group of people. The opportunity is there for everyone.”

In the CAPTV episode, Moran discusses how more government has created and exacerbated the world’s problems, rather than solving them. Messages from Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez, focusing on resistance to capitalism and personal wealth and promoting dependency on the government, only contribute to the problems.

“Expansion of government caused these problems. That is, the siphoning of resources away from individuals making decisions and trading with one another and then allocating them toward government-run solutions. It’s just not working,” said Moran.

“We can’t give energy to those trying to demonize capitalism. They are simply living out of alignment with the truth. However, we need to feel empathy for them and continue living our examples, our purposes, and knowing that capitalism is the greatest force for good.”

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