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Startup funding platform Fundwise announced an updated range of services for startup owners, small business owners and entrepreneurs looking for a fast source of capital for their projects.

Fundwise, a startup funding platform, announced an updated range of services for startups, small business owners and entrepreneurs interested in obtaining capital at competitive rates. The platform connects applicants with expert financial advisors, allowing them to choose between multiple lenders to find the one which best meets their needs and financial goals.

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The platform’s new services aim to provide startup owners with a reliable, easily accessible source of funding for their projects.

The application process is simple and convenient. Candidates simply fill out a basic form on their funding needs, and they’re automatically connected to a senior financial advisor to explore multiple financing option.

They can then choose between multiple potential funding sources, opting for the one that best meets their goals and financial profile.

One of the main advantages of using Fundwise over other types of business capital acquisition is the ease of obtaining funds. Successful Fundwise applicants typically obtain their funds in 10 to 21 days, sometimes even faster.

Using Fundwise, startup owners and entrepreneurs can obtain funds of up to one million for their projects.

Since the platform is designed as an open marketplace, lenders will compete for each funding project. This means that applicants can choose the lender with the most advantageous terms, thus securing better financing options.

The platform has already helped thousands of startup owners and entrepreneurs successfully kickstart their projects.

A satisfied startup owner said: “Jackson and the team at Fundwise make the process of acquiring funding seamless and painless. Exceeded my expectations on the amount of funding I was approved for as well as the time it took to accomplish it. This is truly the way to go for getting some extra money to kickstart your projects or to learn a new skill!”

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