Cape Coral Telecommunications Audit Low Cost LED Lighting Partnership Announced

A Cape Coral, FL based auditing and consulting company has announced a partnership with EnergyWare LLC. They are now offering Smart LED Lighting Services for the commercial markets.

Audicon has announced a new partnership with EnergyWare LLC, and now offers Smart LED Lighting Services for the commercial market throughout Cape Coral, Ft Myers and Tampa, FL. EnergyWare is a full service LED Smart Technology Company who engineer, manufacture and install some of the highest quality products on the market.

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Audicon is a woman-owned auditing and consulting company known for saving their clients money and improving their business efficiency. They have a team of consultants who show clients the most cost-effective ways to utilize their telecommunications and data services.

It’s important to work with a specialist like this, because the latest research shows that four out of five businesses are unknowingly paying too much for their telecommunications and data.

One of the leading services that Audicon provides is a full, professional audit of telecom and data solutions. With this package, they will analyze clients’ company costs, and show them where they are currently being over-billed.

In addition to this, the team are able to recommend ways to optimize their voice, data, and wireless network services.

With an audit from Audicon, clients will be able to ensure that their services are cost efficient, and ensure that they are not being overcharged by their providers.

In addition to this, they will get expert guidance on the products and services that are available when it comes to running a cost effective business.

Audicon’s new LED lighting partnership also gives business clients another way to save costs.

LED lighting is more beneficial than traditional lighting, because LEDs convert around 50% of energy into light on average. This is far better than the 4% converted by incandescent lights.

EnergyWare state: “This means that 96% of your electricity goes to heating the bulb, resulting in higher energy costs, shorter life due to heat degradation and higher HVAC costs to keep your facilities cool.“

Those wishing to find out more about Audicon and the partnership with EnergyWare can visit their website on the link provided above.

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