Cape Coral FL Business Financial Planning – CPA Tax/Cash Flow Services Updated

With the Florida economy showing continued growth, Fort Myers-based CCG Certified Public Accountants (239-345-2190) has expanded its range of small business services to include Cape Coral and surrounding parts of Lee County.

The local accounting firm now provides small businesses in the region with financial analysis and reports, cash flow evaluations, budget preparation, strategic tax planning, financial statements, and more.

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Florida’s economy is outperforming national averages, and local businesses are well positioned in comparison to interstate competitors. For smaller companies in the Cape Coral area, CCG now provides cost-effective financial advisory services that allow them to focus on their core function.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently announced strong economic indicators for the state. They include 20 consecutive months of job growth and 14 consecutive months of labor force increases. Indeed, with employment growth over six times the national average, Florida’s labor force is now larger than it was immediately prior to the pandemic.

Industries such as construction, trade, transportation, and business services are all central to the state’s economy. Most, if not all, of those sectors are heavily underpinned by the small business community. CCG understands that budgets for such companies are limited. The latest updates provide business owners with high-quality financial and tax expertise, without the added expense of employing a full-time accounting executive.

While the Florida economy is strong, the pandemic drew attention to many of the uncertainties that exist within the global market. The firm now helps local businesses take account of their current financial situation, and make informed strategic decisions that safeguard against future instability.

About CCG Certified Public Accountants

As the name suggests, the CCG team comprises multiple Certified Public Accountants, as well as senior tax accountants and tax preparation specialists. The firm focuses on providing an exemplary level of business advisory services, with their core principles being professionalism, responsiveness, and quality. The recent growth has been fueled by an increasing number of client referrals in the Cape Coral area.

A company representative stated: “As your trusted financial advisor, our job is to help you succeed. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, improve cash flow, increase the profitability of your company, and focus on growing your business, we are here for you.”

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