CannaTrials’ Cannabis E-Learning Launches as NEW Education Resource on Marijuana

CannaTrials releases a new set of online tools for website visitors to learn more about cannabis. This is an introduction to Cannabis Online Learning, multi-media video courses to improve knowledge of the industry.

CannaTrials, the United States startup breaking ground in clinical research on medical cannabis, announces the launch of Cannabis E-Learning, providing important resources for online learning by the public, health professionals, growers and producers, and dispensaries.

Posted on the website today as an Introduction, visitors will find helpful tools to learn more about cannabis:

1. Evidence-based effects of medical marijuana on medical conditions – how marijuana effects thirty-six diseases or disorders, based on research compiled by the National Academies of Science (2017.)

2. Cannabis laws by State – a continually-updated map and information on how cannabis is viewed legally in each State.

3. Current clinical research on cannabis – a continually-updated listing and sorting of clinical research on cannabis detailing the research, location, beginning and ending dates, and recruiting status

4. Marijuana Dispensaries by State and City – a continually-updated list of dispensaries by State and City so that patients can pick and choose among available resources. CannaTrials will partner with select dispensaries as pickup locations for clinical research product.

5. The CannaTrials Calculator – where producers can project revenue potentials for particular products by State and health condition. Projections are based on State population statistics and disease rates. In general, 60% of patients are dissatisfied with their current medical treatments. If a producer has a product that is effective in addressing particular symptoms, he or she can calculate revenue potentials by marketing that product appropriately in particular states.

Online Courses in Development

CannaTrials is preparing an initial series of online video courses that can be taken at viewers’ convenience on a diverse range of topics including:

1) Why clinical research is vital for medical marijuana

2) How to design clinical research for measureable endpoints

3) The Vision of CannaTrials’ online App for recording patient and doctor input

4) Navigating Adult Use Marijuana Laws

5) Current State of Hemp and CBD

6) Marijuana Business Essentials

7) Health Claims by Producers, and How to Be Legal

8) A Snapshot of Marijuana Legalization

Says Chief Marketing Officer, Jonathan Marx, “CannaTrials is dedicated not only to supporting important clinical research on cannabis products, but also educating our various audiences on cannabis in general and research results in particular. Online education is a critical component of our mission.”

President Joseph Sameh added, “With our staff expertise in clinical research, online App data collection, and both public and professional education, CannaTrials is poised to become a significant player in improving U.S. knowledge and recommendations for cannabis use in clinical care.”

Additionally, CannaTrials continues to take participants in The PROMMISE Study, the nationwide HIPAA compliant survey that patients are completing in ten minutes to share their health condition, how they are using cannabis, and what kind of effect(s) they are feeling. Join The PROMMISE Study today. CLICK!

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