Cannabis ECommerce Marketplace B2B/B2C Buyer Distributor Networking Expanded

WhereTheLoud, a B2B and B2C marketplace for legal cannabis now offers self-managed and company-managed account services. The new services are designed to create a seamless and hassle-free vendor experience on the site.

WhereTheLoud has launched its e-commerce marketplace for buying and selling cannabis and other CBD-related products. The platform offers vendors a choice between self-service account administration or company-managed administration.

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The newly launched online marketplace is considered a one-stop-shop where vendors can sell their CBD products to both consumers and other businesses. Vendors and companies from around the United States are encouraged to advertise their products and network with customers who visit the site.

Signing up on the site comes at zero cost and vendors can effectively advertise and sell their legal cannabis and CBD products, without any risk. Once they are registered, vendors can access their own store page on which they can advertise their products. WhereTheLoud supports B2B and B2C sales channels.

Clients can choose a self-managed account where they upload their products, set prices, and customize their shipping options. A client’s page can be configured to run on autopilot without much work from the page owner. Should they decide not to set up their pages for themselves, vendors also have the option of emailing their product catalogs and pricing information to WhereTheLoud and the company’s team of developers will do the groundwork for them.

Consumers and other visitors to WhereTheLoud’s website can browse the wide range of products advertised, compare different vendor prices, and place their vendor fulfilled orders when ready. Products include accessories, edibles, vapes/cartridges, VFUs (vertical farming units), and THC scanners.

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Those interested in cultivating cannabis can also visit the Grow Lighting and Growing and Cultivation product categories. There they will find all the items needed for growing their own products, including tents for indoor cultivation.

A spokesperson for WhereTheLoud describes the online marketplace as, “a cannabis meet-n-greet, a breeding ground for everything Cannabis related, where vendors can have full control of their account and both sellers and buyers are operating on a legal Marketplace that is in compliance with Federal and State laws, as well as United States banks.”

In addition to the no-cost sign-up benefit, vendors and companies are also allowed to advertise and sell their products for free with WhereTheLoud.

“We will advertise and help you sell your cannabis, CBD, and any product that is both related and non-related for free. We will manage your account for free, just send us your products, we’ll take care of getting you paid,” the spokesperson emphasized.

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