Cannabis CBD Marketing Firm Google Ranking Expert SEO Backlinks Service Launched

Gro Digital, an Oklahoma marketing firm has been launched. They are a marijuana marketing firm that has been established to help local marijuana dispensaries dominate their market.

Gro Digital, an Oklahoma based cannabis marketing expert has launched comprehensive digital, optimized, measurable, marketing strategies for the marijuana dispensary industry. The firm provides targeted traffic for CBD, marijuana, and cannabis dispensaries around the country.

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The launch of this marketing initiative targeting the marijuana dispensary industry was prompted as the firm began receiving requests for help from dispensaries that felt buried in the competition in their local area. Gro Digital has discovered several methods to bypass the many restrictions that are in place when it comes to advertising the marijuana business. They have developed a content management method that keeps marijuana businesses from getting banned from prominent platforms.

Gro Digital provides hyper-local ad campaigns that put its clients on page one of Google and keeps them there month after month. Their hyper-local ads provide amplified content that gives their clients a distribution platform that allows them to dominate their local competition.

The content campaign strategy gives its clients the trust and authority needed to market to new customers and those unfamiliar with the world of marijuana. Consumers appreciate and respect the sophisticated and professional brands that this strategy creates. As Gro Digital’s client’s businesses are showcased on trusted websites it gives the business trust by affiliation. Gro Digital writes and creates all the content for the business and then posts it on three hundred digital assets across the internet. More information about the companies hyper-local campaigns can be viewed at

They also conduct keyword research for relevant terms to the specific niche in the cannabis industry that will bring targeted traffic to each client’s site and continually improve their Google ranking. Gro Digital’s omnipresent approach creates strong brand awareness that will establish your business at the forefront of this emerging industry.

Cannabis Businesses can have their client’s business listings appear in the Google 3-pack consistently through their expert SEO services. The company will optimize the client’s web page and all content to maximize traffic. They specialize in embedding targeted keywords and running ads that will not be banned. For further information about Search Engine Optimization services see

As these and other services are launched the company is offering a complimentary audit of websites and a demonstration of their ability to consistently develop solid leads that sell.

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