Canine Raw Honey Treats For Dogs Training Benefits For Pets Product Launched

K9 Honey has launched a new line of all natural honey as a treat for dogs. It is the first raw honey treat for dogs ever created, and offers a tasty food topper or treat to reward well behaving pets.

A new dog treat has been launched that is all natural and made from honey, which gives them the reward of eating something sweet that is healthier and better for them than man made treats. Called K9 Honey, it is the first raw honey varietal specifically for dogs, making it a functional treat and natural food topper that is the first of its kind.

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K9 Honey for dogs is a raw honey treat designed by nature, which naturally contains bits of pollens that benefit dogs in a range of different ways. Raw honey has been used in a range of products for years, but its benefits are the same for dogs.

When dogs eat honey, the slow metabolic release ensures they enjoy a safe and effective method of improving performance, building immunity and reducing the healing time needed after surgery or treatment for injury.

In addition to this, research has shown that there are relief properties in natural honey to help prevent and treat allergies in dogs, while also helping aid their digestive function. This is because raw honey naturally contains live enzymes and amylase, which helps to facilitate the proper digestion of carbohydrates.

K9 Honey is therefore a healthy treat for pets to enjoy, while also offering a slow release of natural energy. It also means owners can train and reward their pets without worrying about feeding them any unhealthy treats or additives.

K9 Honey is a family owned and operated business with a special focus on raw honey and varietals of the products for dogs. The company was founded in 2016, and harvests its honey and bee pollen from over 1,500 private hives throughout the Sonoran Desert.

Owners can use the honey as a reward, as a food topper to help make dog food more enjoyable, and as a training aid. Research shows that 90% of dogs are food driven, and K9 Honey can help to ensure that they respond well to training by offering a delicious treat as a reward for good behavior.

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