Cancer Report Links Roundup Exposure to non-Hodgkin s Lymphoma

MedTruth, a hub of consumer advocates, has published yet another thought-provoking report on the cancer-causing effects of Monsanto s herbicide Roundup. By addressing the side effects of Roundup, MedTruth takes a stand against the dangers of Roundup and cancer.

Los Angeles, CA An estimated 1.4 billion pounds of Roundup are sprayed in 160 countries each year, according to the reports. Due to the effectiveness of the product when sprayed on commercial farms, golf courses, private lawns, and gardens, its usage has grown rapidly.

The report reveals that when Roundup is sprayed on corn, soy, and other edible crops in the United States, it may affect those who exposed to the chemical in the agricultural process. Glyphosate, an essential component of Roundup, can cause individuals to develop serious illnesses over a period of time.

MedTruth works to inform consumers that glyphosate is linked to cancer, birth defects, kidney diseases, and other complications. The long-term side effects of Roundup, particularly non-Hodgkin s lymphoma, have been becoming more well-known. Non-Hodgkin s lymphoma, a type of blood cancer, develops due to environmental exposure, not genetics. Recently, there have been several court cases surrounding the Roundup controversy.

Over 700 Roundup cancer claims have been filed in courts throughout the United States, and over 3,000 individuals with various illnesses have sought litigation against Monsanto, according to MedTruth.

Roundup is no longer sold in Malta, Sri Lanka, the Netherlands and Argentina. After the discovering that more than 20,000 deaths from chronic kidney diseases in their regions could be traced to Roundup, the product was banned. However, Roundup is still in use in many countries.

As a community of advocates, MedTruth focuses sharing information to protect the health of consumers. Therefore, MedTruth has been tracking and conducting research on the industry developments surrounding Roundup. MedTruth s core goal is to provide adequate information to consumers so that they can avoid complications that may come with using certain medical/chemical products.

Further studies have revealed that Roundup may increase the risk of lymphoma. To read the full report, visit their website: Does Roundup Cause Cancer? MedTruth.

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