Canberra Reduce Hearing Loss Digital Listening Aid Report Launched

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A new hearing aid report has been launched by Helen King Hearing Solutions, which prides itself on helping Canberra residents to enjoy life more. Patients can get a range of differing hearing devices to reduce hearing loss.

Helen King Hearing Solutions, an Australian hearing aid and assistive listening company, has launched a new report focusing on the benefits of finding the right method of assistive learning to suit the needs of the patient. Helen King prides herself on her high quality service, and offers Canberra patients the chance to get the best audiometrist care in the area.

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Helen is an accredited practitioner and qualified audiometrist, and is part of the Hearing Aid Audiometrist Society of Australia, where she reigns as the current Secretary. She recognises that each and every patient is unique, and because of this, strives to offer unique and tailored treatment so that they can get the best hearing solutions for their needs.

The latest report on the website explains that one in six people in the Australian population is hearing impaired, and that over the years, Canberra hearing aids have assisted in a wide range of cases.

Helen strives to offer the best hearing aids and resources available for local patients, so that they can enjoy life again and be themselves. She said: “I became an audiometrist to help people once again enjoy life’s special moments – help them to hear conversations clearly, enjoy kids laughing, and listen to birds singing.”

Her report underscores that listening devices are little audio gadgets connected to the ears, and there are numerous different types available, including some that are hidden to the casual observer.

These can help provide high levels of sound quality, which assists in reducing the loss of hearing. There are three main types of listening device, including conventional devices, like initial hearing aids; programmable hearing aids, which are more advanced; and digital hearing aids.

Depending on the client’s needs, digital hearing aids might be the best fit to match certain situations.

When patients visit Helen King Hearing Solutions, experts will work with them to assess their situation and find out which type of device will be best for them.

Full details of the report and the services Helen King Hearing Solutions can offer are available on the URL above.

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