Canberra NSW Courier Service 4 & 2 Hour Fastest Delivery Options Announced

A redesigned site offering courier services in Canberra has been launched. The site is perfect for anyone that needs parcel delivery or customers wanting van or truck hire with driver for those larger or bulk items.

A new site has been launched offering top quality, professional and affordable courier services in Canberra. Classic Couriers offers various courier services as well as van hire and truck hire. This makes the site ideal for anybody that needs anything delivered, as well as anyone that wants to transport a large amount of items.

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Classic Couriers is a family run business in Canberra. The courier business has over 30 years of experience in the field, and unlike other courier services, they don’t require customers to create an account in order to use their services.

Unlike other courier services they don’t require you to be an account holder in order to use their services. The business has just launched this new site and is dedicated to offering the opportunity for customers to achieve a fast, friendly and efficient courier service online for any courier needs, as well as other services such as truck and van hire.

A huge range of courier services are available on the site. For instance, there is the standard 4 hour turn-around courier service, where Classic Couriers meet customer’s daily delivery needs with an easy and reliable service.

As well as this, there is the quicker service of the special 2 hour courier service. This is aimed at customers who need their delivery in a hurry, as Classic Couriers knows the region in which their services are offered, they can find the fastest and quickest routes as well as the best times of day in which to navigate for a quick delivery.

With all the courier options, there are other services for when it is easier for customers to hire a van and driver. Classic Couriers offers the van hire for a cheaper option for bigger and bulkier deliveries, as well as truck hire and hiab crane truck hire for larger deliveries.

Unlike other courier services, Classic Couriers don’t require clients to be an account holder in order to use their services. With the new site, existing account holders can order easily online.

Full details can be found on the URL above. Interested parties can get in touch using the contact details provided on site.

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