Canberra Kitchen Renovation Upgrade Makeover Functional Modern Service Launched

Canberra, Australia-based Benchmarc Kitchens, and Joinery have just launched their new kitchen renovation service to provide modern, stylish kitchen makeovers for their customers.

Canberra, Australia-based Benchmarc Kitchens and Joinery have just launched their new kitchen renovation service. The aim of their new remodeling offer is to improve the quality of life at home for their customers, while also increasing the value of those homes.

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The locally owned Canberra firm launched this new service intending to change their clients’ perceptions of what the kitchen is and what the kitchen should be used for, using modern designs to transition it from a place meant for food preparation and dish-washing to a more central part of the home, for entertaining guests and more.

Included in this new service are ideas to assist clients in the design and brainstorming phase. Among them are articles like “12 Space Planning Design Tips for Your Kitchen” and “Lighting Up Your Kitchen.”

The kitchen remodeling and renovation service comes from Benchmarc Kitchens and Joinery, established in Canberra in 2003. Part of this new service includes a focus on design, manufacturing, and quality. With the addition of 3D design systems in the process, clients can preview their kitchen before installation.

Given the current pandemic, this kitchen service was also launched to assist clients who may need to spend more time in their home and want a more functional, higher quality kitchen.

The newly launched renovation service also lists out possible goals a customer might have in choosing to upgrade or modernize their kitchen. These include those looking for more counter space, improved lighting, more storage space or appliances, an updated look, or a fresh style.

Repeat customer Rick Allen shared his perspective on the firm’s work. “We used Benchmarc for two separate phases of our home renovation, with excellent results. Marc worked closely with our builder to ensure their joinery work was delivered on-time and to perfect specification. They overcame challenges posed by the site and were able to give us what we dreamed of.”

More information on Benchmarc’s kitchen renovation service, as well as contact information, can be found at the link above. Videos of their services and their showroom can be found at Updates and tips for homeowners can be found on Benchmarc Kitchen’s Twitter profile at

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