Canberra Audiology & Hearing Aids Clinic Assistive Listening Devices Launched

The leading Canberra audiology clinic Helen King Hearing Solutions, with appointments at +61 2 6162 4545, launched a new range of lightweight, discreet and highly effective digital hearing aids to help patients with any budget and level of hearing loss enjoy better quality of life.

The Helen King Hearing Solutions clinic has announced it is providing patients throughout Canberra, Australia, a new range of modern, lightweight and comfortable digital hearing aids for different needs and budgets.

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The Helen King Hearing Solutions is one of the most popular, trusted and coveted audiology clinics in Canberra, known for helping patients improve their quality of life with the highest standard of hearing healthcare, some of the most thorough hearing tests and the latest assistive listening equipment.

The hearing clinic has now launched a range of lightweight, discreet and effective digital hearing aids which are comfortable to wear all day long, can automatically enhance speech and reduce background noise to provide clear, distortion free sound even in the most noisy surroundings and let the patients easily adjust the amplification and sound according to their needs.

This new range of modern digital hearing aids, manufactured by leading brands like Bernafon, GN ReSound, Oticon, Widex, Sonic or Siemens, are delivered by certified audiometrist Helen King with all the evaluations, trials and advice needed to make sure each patient understands the different options and finds the right fit for their budget and level of hearing difficulty.

The Helen King Hearing Solutions clinic explains that “around one in six people in Australia has some degree of hearing loss, but only half act upon it in time. Not acting on a hearing problem will have a ripple effect on the quality life and just make matters worse and more challenging to fix. With us, patients get more than just discreet and effective hearing aid technology. They get personalized treatment from a team dedicated to caring for their hearing on every level.”

Appointments for hearing tests and audiograms with free hearing aid trials at the Helen King Hearing Solutions can be booked by calling +61 2 6162 4545, directly at its location on Unit 1/30, Bougainville Street, Griffith, ACT, or through the website link provided above along with further details on its new range of hearing aids, its proven hearing aid repair services, multiple client testimonials and extensive hearing healthcare tips.

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