Canberra Audiologist & Hearing Aid Clinic Hearing Test Service Launched

The famous Canberra audiologists at Helen King Hearing Solutions, offering free consultations on 02 6162 4545, announced hearing tests and hearing aid repair service for clients in Canberra who need their assistive listening device fixed right away at a price they can afford.

The renowned Helen King Hearing Solutions clinic has announced it is now offering hearing tests for clients all around Canberra, Australia.

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The Helen King Hearing Solutions is one of the most trusted, famous and sought after audiologists in Canberra, Australia, with years of experience providing the highest standards of hearing healthcare, a uniquely broad range of hearing aids and the most thorough hearing exams, all at prices clients can afford.

In line with its commitment to make sure clients have all their hearing needs cared for in a quick and stress-free manner, the clinic owned and operated by certified audiometrist Helen King announced it is now offering hearing tests for people in the Canberra area.

The hearing test service is available out of its conveniently located facilities on Unit 1/30, Bougainville Street, Griffith, ACT, and is delivered by a knowledgeable team of professionals who can pinpoint hearing problems or potential problems with accuracy then recommend the appropriate course of action in each situation..

The clinic can also help with the replacement of hearing aids that are too old or damaged, drawing on the discreet, comfortable and effective range of hearing aids it sells in a variety of styles to suit every need, lifestyle and budget.

The Helen King Hearing Solutions founder explains that “I became an audiometrist to help people once again enjoy life’s special moments – help them hear conversations clearly, enjoy the kids laughing, listen to birds singing and appreciate the waves of the ocean hitting the shore. I believe silence is only golden when it’s a choice and I’m proud to be here to help.”

Free consultations, appointments and hearing aid trials with the Helen King Hearing Solutions are available at 02 6162 4545 or through the website link provided above along with customer testimonials describing unique experience and standards of care that have made the clinic so popular around Canberra.

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