Canberra Assistive Hearing Aid Healthcare Audiometrist Service Announced

Helen King, the leading Canberra hearing specialist, has announced she can help local residents with cutting edge solutions to their hearing needs. She provides expert advice, cutting edge technology, and full support.

Leading Canberra audiologist, Helen King, has announced she can help local residents with their hearing needs through high quality hearing health care. She prides herself on the high quality service of HK Hearing Solutions, and provides cutting edge assistive learning, and a range of different styles of hearing aids.

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The site explains that, with Helen King, people derail with more than just the most technically competent hearing professional in Canberra. They also get high quality treatment for an experienced audiometrist who is dedicated to caring for patients’ hearing on every level.

HK Hearing Solutions offers the best hearing solutions in Canberra, with a hearing clinic for hearing tests, hearing aids, and hearing aid repair. This can be highly important when many people around the country don’t get the treatment they need.

One in six people in Australia have some degree of hearing loss, and yet only half of those people act on the problem. This can have a knock on effect to their quality of life, which makes it crucial to get the best solution to avoid later problems.

Working with HK Hearing Solutions means that patients can solve their hearing problems at a time when they are easier to fix. Leaving them to a later date can make the problems more difficult to fix in later months.

Helen King is a certified audiometrist and an accredited practitioner, and belongs to the Hearing Aid Audiometrist Society of Australia. She is focussed and commitment to providing the highest levels of care she can, so patients get the best service.

She recognises that each patient is unique, and that they have individual problems. Providing custom tailored solutions to each patients unique needs is the foundation of the company.

Through getting in touch with HK Hearing Solutions, Canberra residents can get the best hearing aid advice, information and guidance. They can also get the latest technology, with specialised ear plugs and hearing support.

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