Canadian Trademark Agency Improved Canadian Trademark Database Report Released

A new report has been released by Witmart Trademark Service Team highlighting the changes unveiled by CIPO to their Canadian Trademark Database. The updated database streamlines searches with more comprehensive results.

Witmart Trademark Service Team has launched a new report discussing the updated Canadian Trademark Database by CIPO. The Canadian Intellectual Property Office recently unveiled their Canadian Trademark Database as part of their efforts to modernize and improve trademark application in Canada.

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The new report indicates that a webinar was held in both French and English so that as many viewers could see the impact of the new database as possible.

The report explains how in June this year, CIPO introduced major changes to Canadian trademark law and in the months since has been taking feedback on board from major stakeholders in the trademark community.

It’s based on these suggestions and ideas that Witmart Trademark Service Team launched a new database with several key updates. The biggest change is that, overall, the entire trademark search engine has been cleaned up for better functionality.

The search fields now all appear on one page, which has been designed with cohesion and ease of use in mind. This makes it easier for users to navigate in the way they want to and streamlines the trademarking process.

The types of trademark section has also been updated, with all of the new types of trademarks being introduced alongside the new Canadian trademark laws. This means that users can now benefit from a more comprehensive set of search results.

Motion trademark displays are now included, to help users better distinguish potential marks with a high risk of rejection. In addition to this, all information is easier to find thanks to newly improved search measures like truncated wild card searches.

Currently the CTD gets updated weekly, but CIPO announced that it had plans to update the database on a 24-48 hour basis in the future.

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