Canadian Rocky Mountaineer Vacations – Luxury Sightseeing Train Tours Updated

Canada Rail Vacations (+1-888-589-3777), a train vacation company offering luxury sightseeing tours of the Canadian Rockies by rail, has announced updated booking availability for tours and packages on the Rocky Mountaineer train.

The latest updates provide customers with a luxurious way to visit and see the sights of the Canadian Rockies, travelling by train through beautiful Banff National Park.

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Canada Rail Vacations’ recent announcement includes booking availability on a range of tours, including 4, 5, and 6-day journeys along the historic Canadian Pacific Railway route, with longer ‘Explorer’ and ‘Adventurer’ options available.

A company founded from the simple desire to share the stunning sights and breathtaking beauty of Canada with visitors, the company has been helping holidaymakers to explore Canada by rail since 1995. While the company offers a range of tour packages to choose from, each tour is tailored and customised to the customer’s desires, ensuring that their trip through the Canadian Rockies includes everything they could want in terms of luxury and comforts.

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A relaxing trip aboard a train famous for its top levels of service and luxury environment, the Rocky Mountaineer is world-renowned for good reason. One-way tours from the company begin in Calgary and finish in Vancouver, though reversed versions of this trip of a lifetime are available to suit varying budgets.

Customers opting for a four-day trip from Calgary to Vancouver will be treated to stunning mountains, lakes and waterfalls scenery as they travel through the Rocky Mountains to the shores of the Pacific. Throughout the luxurious journey, passengers can enjoy a range of local cuisines, top-shelf drinks and indulge in treats and snacks – all while listening to the professional guides, who are happy to share their knowledge of the area’s history with travellers.

For those looking for a longer or more adventurous trip, the 13 Day Rockies Glaciers and Gardens tour offers a comprehensive package covering much of Western Canada. Passengers will travel throughout the day from the glaciers of the Canadian Rockies aboard the Rocky Mountaineer, and can take in the scenic natural marvels of the trip in comfort as the train slows to let guests soak up the sights. The tour also continues on to explore the West Coast, through the lush Butchart Gardens, with all travel undertaken during the day so that customers can sleep in style in the comfort of hotels each night.

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