Canadian Money-Back Life Insurance – Living Benefits Policy Launched

Canadian Life Insurance Guides (1-888-709-1001), a brokerage that caters to Canadians, launches its updated money-back life insurance plans.

With the company’s expanded offerings, clients can get a policy that covers them for a specified period of time, after which their premiums will be returned. This money can then be used however a person sees fit, whether that’s starting a new hobby, traveling, or starting a side business.

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These newly revamped plans allow people to choose the length of their coverage, with packages that encompass their prime earning years. In many cases, the policy will offer protection until their home is fully paid for and the kids have graduated college.

Having insurance is a must for breadwinners as it protects their family’s future if they pass away unexpectedly. According to Canadian Life Insurance Guides, however, standard policies are a losing proposition for most people because they provide no other benefit while they are still alive.

With money-back plans, on the other hand, policyholders can see the fruits of their hard work and financial discipline. Upon reaching maturity, the plan will return the premium in scheduled tranches.

Aside from enabling people to enjoy their hard-earned money, living benefits plans tend to be more affordable because they are term-based rather than whole life. Over the course of the policy, people can expect to save thousands of dollars in premium payments.

Prospective clients can take a 45-second online quiz to see if this product is right for them. If it is, they can proceed to get a quote online by simply filling out a short form.

About Canadian Life Insurance Guides

Canadian Life Insurance Guides is a leading brokerage that offers affordable but comprehensive protection to its clients. Its goal is to help people find a policy that creates a win-win situation. Aside from life insurance, it also sells final expense packages and registered education savings plans (RESPs).

A spokesperson says: “Getting life insurance shouldn’t just be about preparing for the worst. It should also be about looking forward to a rewarding future. Our money-back plans enable you to protect your family and create a brighter tomorrow.”

Interested parties may visit if they need further details about the company and its flagship product.

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