Canadian Money-Back Life Insurance Coverage Policies – Expert Services Updated

Canadian Life Insurance Guides announced an update of Money-Back Life Insurance to offer its clients life insurance that pays them back if they outlive their policies.

Canadian Life Insurance Guides, located in Calgary, Alberta, has updated its Money-Back Life Insurance service to offer Canadians more out of their life insurance policies. Canadian Life Insurance Guides has access to most of the life insurance providers in Canada and can get its clients the best rate for the coverage they need.

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The company’s recently updated Money-Back Life Insurance service is based on its belief that if a person’s life insurance doesn’t pay out during the designated coverage period, they should have the option to get what they spent given back to them.

The downside to paying for temporary life insurance is that there is only a small chance that the client will pass away during the coverage years. If the client outlives the policy, they walk away from it with thousands of dollars spent over the years that they cannot get back.

Canadian Life Insurance Guides helps Canadians win with life insurance by offering temporary life insurance coverage that pays back if the client outlives it through their money-back life insurance solutions.

As clients invest in the policy, life insurance is put into place to protect their families, and the money is also being invested in the financial markets which build a substantial cash value within the policy over time. Towards the end of the coverage period, clients can stop the life insurance and get the cash value back.

A satisfied client said: “We wanted to purchase life insurance and we contacted Derek. He has been extremely friendly and understanding of our needs and found great coverage and a rate that fit our budget. His communication is top-notch and makes everything simple and easy to understand. Our experience has been positive, and we feel confident in our decision.”

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