Canada’s Professional Hair Salon Keratin Formaldehyde-Free Treatment

Keratinworks Customizable Smoothing Treatment System, a keratin treatment using the highest quality ingredients, with no toxins or formaldehyde and ultimate results, has been launched. The Canadian Brand meets all Health Canada standards and it is now used by licensed hairstylists and salons across North America.

The Keratinworks Customizable Smoothing Treatment System, a revolutionary hair treatment that uses new thermal technology to seal hair with Keratin at a low pH level without the use of any formaldehyde, is now available in Canada and the US. The product is for licensed professional hairstylists and salons so they are able to give their clients smooth, shiny, healthy and maintenance-free hair.

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This state of the art smoothing system can be applied to all hair types. Techniques were developed to yield three customizable levels of results: The Botox, The Classic and The Supersmooth, all with one product. At every level of the treatment, the client is guaranteed smoother, more manageable hair.

The Keratinworks treatment works to eliminate frizz, hydrate and repair, reduce excess volume, reduce curl when desired, and produce soft, shiny, smooth, healthy hair. Through this treatment, the client’s hair becomes lower maintenance—immune to humidity and no need for excessive heat styling.

Keratinworks uses the highest quality ingredients, contains no toxins, and is infused with nutrients, allowing the treatment to yield superior results. The product meets Health Canada’s safety standards, making it a safe option for hairstylists and clients. Having a product that’s formaldehyde-free is important for everyone in a salon, as it’s considered to be a carcinogen and the toxic fumes can be dangerous.

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Working with a chemist in Brazil who knew the ins-and-outs of keratin to create the original product, the founder of Keratinworks has worked over the last five years to improve the product’s formulation, its ingredients, and how to stay ahead of the competition.

One satisfied salon owner said: “We absolutely love Keratinworks, and we’ve been using it for many years. We love that it’s formaldehyde-free and it is customizable so we can cater to every client’s needs.”

The company says its mission is to provide the safest keratin hair treatment innovation for women around the world. Currently, hairstylists all over North America are using Keratinworks on their clients.

Keratinworks says that hairstylists will appreciate the results of carrying this product as much as their clients do. While clients enjoy the impact the product has on their hair, the product can also create an added revenue to help salons grow their business.

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