Canada Study Permit/Visa Application Requirements – Immigration Service Expands

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You Deserve Immigration (+1 604-501-6565), or YDI, a legal services agency based in British Columbia, has expanded its offerings to include application assistance for study permits in Canada, including Student Direct Stream - SDS Canada - the fast-track study program for students from select countries.

The new service complements the additional programs offered by the agency, including standard Canadian immigration processes like Express Entry, PNPs, Spouse permits, and PGWP.

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YDI now works with foreign nationals who intend to study in Canada for more than six months, thereby requiring a study permit. The agency, which is an authorized representative to most of Canada’s prestigious colleges, now coordinates with the immigration office on the student’s behalf, as one of their officers typically issues the study permit for the duration of an individual’s studies.

Application volumes for Canada study permits are expected to top pre-pandemic levels in 2021, driven by both pent-up demand and the reputation of Canada as a welcoming, safe country. IRCC – Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada – claims that new student permit applications rose almost 30% through August 2021 from the same period of the previous year.

YDI tailors its advice to each individuals’ particular situation and country of citizenship. For example, in order to qualify for SDS Canada, the applicant must come from one of the following countries: Philippines, China, India, Vietnam, Pakistan, Morocco, or Senegal.

These applicants must demonstrate upfront that they have the financial resources and language skills to succeed academically in Canada in order to benefit from faster processing times. SDS processing time is only 20 calendar days but applicants must live outside Canada at the time of application and have an acceptance letter from a designated learning institution in Canada.

The agency can assist any prospective applicants, regardless of origin, who have already entered Canada. Qualified people include those who already hold either a study or a work permit, exchange students, and temporary residents who have applied for permanent residency.

YDI will give interested parties a clear view of the immigration and study permit process, and discuss options and necessary steps to be undertaken. One of the firm’s licensed immigration consultants, after learning all the particular details of a given applicant’s situation, will offer the prospective applicant a feasible blueprint for the road ahead.

“We understand the anxiety felt by most applicants, and we are here to hold their hands through the whole process,” said an agency spokesperson. “We know which levers of government to pull and how to best navigate the situation for each individual.”

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