Canada Mental Health Keynote Speakers – Corporate Event/Workshop Service Updated

MCP Talent Agency, a representative of performing artists and guest speakers, has announced an updated lineup of mental health specialists who are available for keynote addresses across Canada and the US.

Speakers can now attend either in-person or in a virtual environment. They are well suited to a variety of settings, including meetings, business conferences, seminars, conventions, or company training workshops. A range of topics can be covered, such as depression, anxiety, mental health stigma, addictions, disorders, and more.

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The US will celebrate national mental health awareness month in May, and Canada will celebrate mental health awareness week May 10-16. With their expanded portfolio, MCP Talent Agency now helps businesses and organizations find a qualified and experienced speaker to assist with an upcoming event.

According to Mental Health America, almost 20% of American adults experience some form of mental illness, which equates to nearly 50 million people. While educational programs have helped to reduce the stigma around mental health, many are still reluctant to discuss their problems or seek help from friends, family, or colleagues.

Workplaces have been a natural focus for mental health awareness programs, and there have been renewed efforts in industries such as construction, oil, gas, and manufacturing. MCP Talent states that it now represents a number of keynote presenters who aim to inspire, educate, and entertain audiences from any field.

The focus of speakers is not only to create awareness but also to encourage early intervention. As such, they can be a particularly powerful element of work or business initiatives. In addition to corporate and/or college events, advocates can also work with clients, such as athletes and celebrities, who are dealing with mental health issues.

About MCP Talent Agency

Founded in 1972, the family-owned business originally represented musical acts for one-night appearances. Over time, MCP Talent Agency has grown to incorporate business speakers, corporate entertainment, expert trainers, athletes and celebrities, comedians, and more.

A company representative stated: “We represent some of the best mental health speakers who can cover such topics as depression, mental health stigma, addictions, disorders, and more. Your audience will be able to immediately implement takeaways and see benefits.”

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