Canada Immigration Application – Express Entry Permanent Resident Service Update

Canadian Permanent Residency made it easy for clients wishing to move to Canada. Y-Axis the world's largest Immigration and Visa company has updated the Express Entry Visa application process.

The latest launch from Y-Axis Middle East offers would-be settlers a comprehensive program of assistance for the complex procedure of gaining entry and acquiring a temporary or permanent right to remain.

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The announcement details a range of benefits for would-be immigrants wishing to experience the multi-faceted appeal of this beautiful and unique country. The company brings expertise in the commonly fraught process of visa acquisition, allowing customers to concentrate on preparing for their new life rather than suffering the stress of immigration bureaucracy.

Canada is an increasingly popular destination for travelers and immigrants alike. It offers a high standard of living, low crime rates, an ethnically diverse population, and a renowned education system. Other appealing aspects include healthcare that can be accessed without charge at the point of need, beautiful scenery, a host of employment opportunities, and a stable economy.

Y-Axis can advise on the criteria that applicants need to meet to be eligible for a Permanent Resident Visa. This can be secured through a variety of immigration programs but the most popular among these is the “Express Entry” system.

All programs for Permanent Residence operate on a points-based system by which applicants must reach specified scores in a range of categories. These include language, age, education, work experience, adaptability to life in Canada through a pre-existing network of family or friends, and a pre-existing offer of employment. Y-Axis clients benefit from the company’s assistance through document templates, education assessments, and IELTS guidance.

About Y-Axis Middle East

Since its inception in 1999, Y-Axis has helped over 1 million people to secure residence in either Australia or Canada. The company is committed to providing comprehensive immigration services to people across the world. The Y-Axis website contains a host of expertly curated educational content and practical guidance on all aspects of visa acquisition. Learn more at

Clint Khan, Director of Y-Axis says, “Relocating to a different country is a difficult and crucial choice. Y-Axis assists all of its clients to avoid hassles in the process of getting a visa and guarantees success.”

With its latest service expansion, Y-Axis Middle East continues to make building a new life in Canada a reality for people everywhere.

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