Canada Eco-Conscious Childrens Fashion Toddlers Clothing Online Store Launched

Luma to Luna, a fashion-boutique based in Toronto, Canada, launched their new online store offering eco-conscious clothing and accessories for babies, toddlers and children.

Luma to Luna, a baby, toddler and children’s boutique based in Toronto, Canada, announced the launch of their new online store.

The online store can be found at

Luma to Luna’s new online collection features the company’s curated selection of sustainable, high-quality fashion for children and toddlers.

The company offers a variety of high-fashion products that are eco-conscious, natural, and expert-approved. By utilizing only high-quality, 100% natural fabrics in their products, the company has been able to create clothing items that are both soft to the touch and durable enough to withstand daily use.

At Luma to Luna, products focus on a variety of age ranges, from infant to toddler to kids. The company also offers a “Mommy and Me” collection that provides matching clothing options for mother and child.

The company’s eco-conscious focus extends throughout their entire product line. For example, a collection of PETA certified vegan products are available. These products are animal friendly, expertly crafted and PETA approved.

In addition to clothing items, the new online store also offers a variety of newborn essentials including their SIDS safer, hip-healthy, no “break out” baby swaddle. The swaddles come with matching bonnets, headbands, and hats.

As a company dedicated to the creation of eco-conscious and fashionable clothing items, Luma to Luma prides themselves in their ability to provide products that are as unique as the child who wears them. By encouraging sustainable fashion, the company hopes to enable a brighter future for the children of today.

When discussing their product line, a spokesperson for the company said: “Because each piece is natural and durable, they will last for years and children to come, contributing to slower and sustainable kid’s fashion. Our young ones are precious and deserve the best future planet we can give them.”

Interested customers can view Luma to Luna’s full collection at the URL above.

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