is the new Airbnb of Luxury Motorhome and Campervan Hire is a website that allows owners to rent out campervans and motorhomes they’re not using, giving customers affordable options for all of their rental needs.

Stockport, UK – is partnering with Outdoorsy as an up and coming rental service taking the market by storm. Finding inspiration in the incredibly popular homestay service Airbnb, this website benefits renters and customers alike. With an easy to navigate website, booking and renting out recreational vehicles has never been more convenient.

People who own recreational vehicles, but aren’t currently using them, are able to list their vehicles for free. These free listings will quickly add up, and many owners have been able to make extra cash using renters are also able to display and control their availability – this guarantees that bookings won’t interfere with anyone’s schedule. Customers pay per night and may contribute extra charges towards generation usage and mileage.

Just like finding the perfect place to stay on Airbnb, customers are given a large selection to browse through. Each motorhome, campervan, and RV listing is complete with a write-up of details clients might want to know about the vehicle before renting it. This information includes things like the type of vehicle, the size, what accommodations the vehicle has, rules from the owner, and much more. Each listing also has a section on what types of insurance are offered with the vehicle, reassuring renters of their safety. is a wide-reaching platform. The locations they rent from include: the UK, Scotland, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the US. Owners and people in need all across these countries now have an easy money making, and money saving, option when it comes to recreational vehicle rentals. The process to sign up is already incredibly easy, which you can do so at With a few clicks, and some quick forms to fill out, listing and renting can be done within minutes.

Because of the way works, customers are able to find affordable prices to rent out an otherwise pricey vehicle (see With having to spend less on a camper van, customers will be encouraged to return for every holiday they take. Families will have the means to do more, travel farther, and be comfortable all the while.

Convenience and affordability are becoming the focus of the rental market. is leading this push, ensuring that customers and renters are both having their needs met. It’s safe to say that they will continue to shape and mould the market as they go.

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