Campbell Ohio Rent To Buy Homes Pet Friendly Affordable Service Launched

Home Buyers Inventory, a leading rent-to-own housing provider, has announced the availability of affordable, pet-friendly, rental properties across Ohio for people unable to secure a mortgage

Home Buyers Inventory, a leading rent-to-own housing provider, has announced the availability of affordable, pet-friendly rental properties in Ohio aimed at people who want to buy a residential property but are unable to secure a mortgage.

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The company has a growing inventory of affordable, pet-friendly homes in Ohio that are available to renters with low lease option payments. Numerous properties are ready for occupancy immediately in Canfield, Boardman, Campbell and Garfield Heights.

Rent-to-own housing provides an opportunity for renters to move from renting to ownership in a set time frame, which enables them to secure mortgage approval. The term of the rental agreement can vary but it is generally over a 30-month period.

Many families find it hard to prioritize saving towards home ownership once they have young children to think about and careers to balance. The rent-to-own plans provided by Home Buyers Inventory enable families to get on the property ladder without having a mortgage in place.

For individuals who cannot get a mortgage because of bad credit or other reasons, this kind of rent-to-own plan can accelerate the journey to home ownership. The company has developed a user-friendly rental agreement that puts the client first.

It allows tenant buyers to make regular payments that can build up the client’s credit score, which is reported through rental credit reporting agencies. Once the tenancy period comes to an end, the client has the option to opt out of the program or leverage their improved credit score.

Leveraging an improved credit score can enable clients to qualify for home ownership through traditional channels that were previously unavailable.

Several factors can determine a client’s ability to secure a mortgage including recent relocation, a poor credit score, self-employment, taking on new debts, recently changing jobs and other situations that prevent immediate ownership.

According to a spokesperson for the Ohio rent-to-own home provider, “We offer a no-obligation home ownership plan designed with the client’s best interests at heart. Our nominal lease option fees and affordable rent structures are backed by our deep knowledge of real estate and home ownership criteria.”

To view the range of hot properties that are currently available, visit the website listed above.

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