Camden Home Improvement Remortgaging – Kitchen Renovation Secured Loans Launched

Polar Mortgages (+44-20-3129-5025) has expanded its services to provide home improvement remortgaging options to owners interested in restructuring their mortgages to receive better terms or to free up equity for kitchen renovations and other similar projects.

Polar Mortgages has expanded the availability of its home improvement remortgage service to help property owners in Camden realise lower rates on their home loans and free up equity for home improvement. Remortgaging can fund projects such as kitchen renovations, loft conversions, room additions, and more.

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With this expansion, Polar Mortgages supports clients in and around London by providing them with low-rate remortgaging options from a panel of mortgage lenders. The residential property financing company specializes in bad credit financing and home improvement refinance options.

Remortgaging allows property owners to restructure their existing home loans to more favourable terms or to use the additional funds gained from an increase in their property value.

In the event of an increase in property value and consequently, home equity, remortgaging can present an opportunity for homeowners to leverage their new loan-to-value ratio. This new equity can be used to fulfil a variety of financial needs without having to rely on conventional loans.

Polar Mortgages has established strong working relationships with some of the largest lenders in the UK including Santander, RBS, Halifax, NatWest, Britannia, Woolwich Mortgages, and Nationwide. This network allows the company to connect clients with bespoke remortgaging options that best meet their financial needs and goals.

Polar Mortgages has a proven track record of securing favourable terms on remortgaging options for clients with bad credit histories. House owners can use these options to access lower rates on their current mortgage.

Polar Mortgages is a mortgage advisory and brokerage service based in London. The company specialises in mortgage loan consultancy for clients whose credit profiles have been classified as adverse.

A spokesperson said, “By remortgaging for home improvements, you’re essentially selling your equity rather than your home. If your home value has increased since you purchased it, then you can remortgage at the current market value, pay your existing mortgage off and move to a new mortgage without having to sell your property. Our advisors are well-versed in working with renovation remortgage situations and will be able to assist you.”

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