Camarillo CA Student Loan Lawsuit Defensel Launched

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Camarillo, CA-based Attorney Eric Ridley launches a student loan lawsuit defense services, which helps defendants toss out cases lodged against them by National Collegiate Loan Trust.

The Law Offices of Eric Ridley, based in Port Hueneme, CA, announces the launch of its student loan lawsuit defense services. This firm provides legal assistance to individuals who have been sued by the National Collegiate Loan Trust (NCLT), and will defend any cases filed against their clients.

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With the rising cost of college education in the country, about 43 million Americans or one-sixth of the population are forced to take out student loans just to get a degree. Given the stricter requirements when applying for a federal student loan, however, Ridley says more and more people are getting financing from private lenders instead.

When they hit hard times and cannot service their loan, they may find themselves being sued—and harassed—by National Collegiate Loan Trust, NCLT, the largest holder of private student loans. Unfortunately, most private student loans cannot be dismissed, even in bankruptcy.

One of the law firm’s key practice areas is student loan lawsuit defense, which raises several defenses against the NCLT to toss out their case and give clients a reprieve. This includes invoking the guarantee and rehabilitation agreements in certain private student loans.

The law firm will also contest the legal merits of the suit, such as whether the NCT actually owns the student loan, whether the defendant actually defaulted on it, whether the amount being collected is correct, and whether the case was filed within the statute of limitations.

The law firm also offers other complementary legal services for clients facing financial hardships, such as defense against credit card debt lawsuits and telemarketer harassment, as well as assistance with filing bankruptcy.

Atty. Eric Ridley says: “We all need a little help moving forward sometimes. It’s my privilege to provide that help to my clients, especially those who have been wrongfully sued for student loan debt.”

Law Offices of Eric Ridley provides clients in Ventura County comprehensive legal services in areas such as estate planning, consumer protection, bankruptcy, civil litigation, and small business law. For its excellent services, the firm received a certified 5-star rating from Google.

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