Calorie Restriction Eating Plan Benefits May Include Living Longer Says Study

Calorie restriction enables individuals to reduce food consumption by a significant percentage. For most people who practice energy restriction, a change in body composition occurs almost effortlessly. It hasn't been clear though if calorie restriction can lead to longevity.

Calorie restriction goes by different references. These include caloric restriction as well as energy restriction.

Calorie restriction usually implies a reduction of intake of calories during a specific period. It can be a practice undertaken indefinitely depending on the objective of the individual. Most people who undertake the practice of calorie restriction do so over a period ranging from weeks to months.

This practice helps individuals to alter their physical attributes without external help.

However, energy restriction can be a lifelong practice. When it is made a lifelong practice, a recent study seems to suggest longevity benefits. It has been established by previous studies that energy restriction is a healthy approach to living.

It should be pointed out that for a calorie restriction to qualify for the definition, the restriction should not lead to malnutrition and deprivation of essential nutrients.

Studies have been performed by scientists to evaluate the long-term health benefits of calorie restriction.

What is clear from those studies is that energy restriction does result in change in physical attributes of an individual. What hasn’t been clear and indeed shrouded in mystery is whether calorific restriction does prolong life.

Two separate studies are important here. The first study was conducted on rhesus monkeys published in 2009 by the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This study found that a calorie-restricted diet in these monkeys led to significant benefits in living longer and reductions in cancer, heart disease and insulin resistance.

A second study from the National Institute of Aging (NIA) published the result of their findings in 2012. The NIA study found that energy restricted diet did show similar health benefits but did not find the benefit of longevity. Quite a contradiction there from both studies in terms of longevity.

With the effect of calorific restriction on aging in dispute, the two sets of scientists decided to collaborate. They pooled the two studies together and did a rigorous analysis.

The result of their collaboration recently is that not only does calorie restriction enable the monkeys live healthier lives, it actually prolongs the lives of these monkeys.

The scientists for clarity reported that the effect of calorie restriction on aging on longevity must be interpreted against a background of age and gender.

Their collaboration seems to suggests that older monkeys appear to do better just as female monkeys did. More information on calorie restricted manner of eating can be found here.

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