Call For Responsible Alcohol Usage During Australian Schoolies Week

?This week marks the start of Schoolies Week 2014 and thousands of school leavers will be converging of the Gold Coast to let loose and enjoy themselves after 12+ years of schooling. This release calls for responsibility with alcohol.

This week marks the start of Schoolies Week 2014 and thousands of school leavers will be converging on the Gold Coast tolet loose and enjoy themselves after 12+ years of schooling. Those planning onpartying hard as well as those opting for a more relaxed schoolies vacationneed to exercise caution and be responsible especially when it comes to alcoholconsumption.

Parents of school leavers are usually justas relieved and thrilled that their children have made it through Year 12 andthey deserve to celebrate after years of study. puts it aptlywhen it states: “Schoolies is a chancefor your child to celebrate their independence, academic achievements andultimately have a great time with their closest friends who they may not get tosee as they enter outside the world of School!” (Source: it is a time of celebration, it is not an excuse for irresponsibilityespecially when it comes to drinking.

This year schoolies week is going to beginaround 22nd November for most revellers. If school leavers are goingto be drinking, it is important that they are aware of how to do soresponsibly. Parents must educate their children about how to stay safe duringschoolies including how to drink in moderation and responsibly. Young peopleare going to be tempted and pressured into binge drinking during shoolies weekhowever, the dangers of excessive drinking far outweigh the temporary “fun”that binge drinking may seem like, particularly for young and inexperienceddrinkers.

Consuming as well as serving alcohol must be done responsibly. A lot of school leavers are also going to be getting jobsfor the holidays, many of them within the hospitality sector. Anyone employedin the hospitality sector where alcohol is served must be in possession of aResponsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certificate, even if they are onlytemporarily employed, as school leavers often are. The RSA certificate isgained by completing the RSA course which can be done online. The majority ofhospitality workers choose the online RSA course because it is quicker, moreconvenient and affordable.

The RSA course teaches students how toserve alcohol responsibly so that no harm is brought to customers consumingalcohol and at the same satisfies a mandatory federal requirement for RSAtraining. The course also includes additional information and tips for success in the hospitality sector that will prove particularly beneficial toinexperienced school leavers. 

Schoolies planning on working in thehospitality industry can register for the RSA course at

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